Terracotta Necklace vibrant colours that attract eyes

Terracotta Necklaces can virtually have infinite styles and designs. The colour combinations, design patterns and styles used depend on artisan to artisan and hence a new design is received from each one.

We are MANUFACTURER WHOLESALER EXPORTER of  Designer Artisan Handcraft Fashion Terracotta Necklace , Jhumkis, Earrings and DOKRA Necklace Earrings Jewelry. We are designs con-temporarily our designs.
Our Monthly production approx 2000 pieces, and able to supply & Fulfill requirement of any Large Scale Fashion House or Retails Stores.
For any purchase inquiry feel free to contact us  Sudipta Majumder at

mmhcraft.india@gmail.com  or call or  Whats-app on 91 9836416148


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