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Terracotta Jewellery can literally find hundreds of colours and designs

Handmade Terracotta Necklace Set Wholesaler in India
Known for its unique beauty and skills Handmade Terracotta Jewellery is one of the most coveted jewelry across the world. Out of the myriad of Indian handicrafts Terracotta craft is classified under Indian clay art.  A Handmade Terracotta Necklace Set Wholesaler in India is minting good money nowadays.

Terracotta Craft of Bengal

Terracotta is a tribal art which serves as livelihood for several tribal and nomadic artisans scattered in tribal districts of Bengal. This community of nomadic craftsmen known as Terracotta is adept in making ornaments. The jewelry they create features marvelous clay figures of Gods, Goddesses, bird, animal figurines and ritual deities.  These travelling craftsmen also excel in making distinctive range of trinkets, anklets, bracelets, Handmade Terracotta Necklace Set and paikona etc.

Terracotta Jewellery is completely handmade. It is the symbol of true Indian art. The designs are ethnic and use vibrant colours…

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